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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by lordofthenerds View Post
Looks like this has that same vibrant, glossy, colorful look that Origins and X3 had. Meh.
As someone said, this colour palette(as far as we can tell) is that of Avengers and even First Class.
Criticize if you will, but it's not like it isn't working in today's landscape.

That being said, I would have personally preferred if this had gone the route of Blade and even MoS, where in it isn't shot like a big colourful hero piece but perhaps an indie/earthy film. Wolverine could really thrive in that sort of setting.
...Zack Snyder.

Originally Posted by Adjie View Post
Let me help with that~

Between this rad poster and the news of all these ninjas. This might be the best use of comic book ninjas and ninja action since Blade 2 and turtles before that. With the OBVIOUS exclusion of mr. Nolan's batman.
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Man I hate that.

Bring it home Hugh.

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