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Default Re: Madame Hydra in the MCU...

Cap was only 5 million short of Wolverine, basically statistically tied, and Thor grossed way more than Wolverine did...hell Thor was only ten million shy of the highest grossing X-Men film. The only blockbuster Marvel HASN'T made was Hulk. Furthermore, how would Spidey and the X-Men help Ant-Man and GotG? None of the characters would show up in those films and I don't see what kind of cross promotion would lead people to go out to see GotG or Ant-Man anymore than they were planning to just because Marvel/Sony/Fox used some characters together in an Avengers film. And why would Marvel even want Spider-Man or Wolverine to cameo in Ant-Man or GotG? They're COMPLETELY unrelated, especially GotG. That just doesn't make sense.

It's very likely that Disney would have very little to gain from splitting profits with Fox and Sony on an Avengers film, because again, that would be the only place Spidey and X-Men characters would show up. Marvel would not have Spidey or Wolverine cameo in random character films to promote them...if they thought something like that was necessary then they would have Iron Man in every film they're producing right now. Avengers already grossed $1.5b, you're not going to go much higher than that on top of paying hundreds of millions to Sony and Fox to use their characters. Again, it doesn't make business sense.

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