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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
A true home invasion by the league on the newly rebuilt wayne manor with ninjas and mercs in tandum, only have a battered Bruce defeat them all, and get himself and to the cave in time to gear up only to come face to face with Bane.

This happens in the first act where Alfred makes his sacrifice getting his master to the safety of the cave. Then you have the hiatus and the occupied gotham. Just seems more streamlined and tragic that way.

but that's me.
Streamlined as in , extremely cliché ?

Especially the killing the old man. Im so glad Alfred didn't die.

Killing characters isn't tragic. I find the image of Bruce being completely lost in the beginning of the movie much more tragic. There's an huge amount of weight in his shoulders , that are direct consequences of his past. That's the tragedy. His actions matter.

A lot of todays storytelling , they kill characters just for the sake of it. Exactly to bring tragedy that simply doesn't exist within their stories.

Bruce's life is a tragic one. And Rises goes in great detail to show us that. No need for unnecessary deaths .

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