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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Consider me both pleased and frustrated. As a kid a fresh copy of 2000ad awaited me each weekend as I spent time at my dad's place so I'm at least proud to see a big screen Dredd which has received high praise. Better that than a substandard character-rape which spurs ten sequels.

Kevin Smith twits..

"Holy ****, DREDD rocks! I am in love with Judge Anderson! How the **** didn't this movie do more business? It's like RoboCop good. #MegaCity"

"The ever-helmeted Dredd just head-butted Avon Barksdale. This movie rules. Like Marcy & me, Judge Anderson says "Sir..." a lot. #CursedEarth"

"DREDD was phenomenal! To say it's better than the Stallone movie version doesn't do it justice: it's better than most movies in general."

"Comic Book True: DREDD keeps his helmet on THE WHOLE TIME! Cursed earth! How are they not making another? I want a sequel with Judge Death!"

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