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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

Originally Posted by UnionJack View Post
Well he is around Ninjas who wear masks, doesn't he train with them, makes sense he might have one too, but have his own version later. This would be a perfect time to introduce it ... or even for a scene and dismiss the idea if need be.
I'd be cool with that.
Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
Even here? of course if any place you'd expect to hear complaints about comic costume accuracy it would be on a site like this. However for the 80-90% in the general audience who don't care/are even aware wolverine wears a mask this is not an issue.
If I showed a general audience member a picture of Wolverine with the mask alot of them are gonna know who it is. It's not this hardcore comic nerd only secret that he wears a mask.
Besides Wolverine has such a distinguished look sans mask that even for someone like me who grew up watching the X-men animated series that this is as much wolverine if not more so:
Well saying most fans don't want it is bs,but yeah the GA wont care either way so what they choose to do doesn't matter as long as its a good movie. More people would want to see it then flat out dont. Its gonna cause more attention to the film when they do introduce it. So if given a reason I say bring it. We will have had 6 movies without it by next year. Time to do something different imo. It will show up one of these days....

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