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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
Never a good line with which to start a sentence...

Also, never a good line to use to claim you're not racist.

I think BP is supposed to come off as pretty cocky. And Nick Fury is originally a white guy, so if you don't like him as a white guy either, that might make you sound less racist. How do you feel about James Rhodes? Luke Cage? Bishop?

Anyway, we haven't even seen how they've written Anthony Mackie's Falcon. He might turn out to be quite a lovable character (which would make him a prime target for Whedon, of course).
I normally wouldn't point it out (maybe I shouldn't have), but I just didn't want to get razzed like I did somewhere else for saying I disliked those heroes.

BP, I had no opinion on, until the EHM's cartoon. It just seemed like he NEVER got beat. Ever.

Yes, I hate white Nick Fury too.

Don't know much about Bishop, but never cared for him enough to find out more. Hate Luke Cage (but I'm not fond of many overpowered heroes including Hulk, Thing, Red Hulk, etc). Love, love, love Rhodey though. War Machine is awesome. Used to use him a lot in Overpower when I was a kid! I like Storm too, although she's nowhere near my Top-5.

And true enough, the only character I like slightly more in the movie universe is Hulk, but in small dosees (and only in the Avengers.. disliked the other two movies). Then again, in movie-life, I wasn't too fond of Gambit or Deadpool either, and they are both in my Top-5/6.

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