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Default Re: What else could Sam Raimi direct for Marvel?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Yeah, fancy filmmakers want to actually make a quality film as opposed to a toy commercial. It is logic like that that let the X-franchise go from the hands of Bryan Singer to Brett Ratner. Yet, even Marvel Studios has hired relative auteurs on occasion (to varying success) like Branagh and Whedon. It seems silly to dislike filmmakers with genuine talent for the stories.

Oh yes, because those are the only 2 possible options.

You either get a no-talent hack like Ratner or a prima donna who's more interested in making "their version" of the character as opposed to just making "the character". Personally, I'll go with talented craftsmen type filmmakers who understand that they are only temporary custodians of an IP well before an artistic 'auteur'. The first thing these egomaniacs should do is approach these IP's like a doctor treating a patient. Rule #1 should be: DO NO HARM.

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