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Default Re: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy vs Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

Leading Man: Bale and Maguire do good jobs portraying their respective characters, but they never become the character in a way Chris Reeve did with Superman. For Batman, things were lost in Nolan’s desire to make him more “human”, and Maguire’s Spider-Man famously lacked the persona of Peter in his Spider-Man guise. I’ll give this one to Bale due to the material he got to work with, as well as the fact that he capture more of Bruce Wayne than Maguire did Peter Parker.

Love Interest: Technically, Bruce had two main love interests, but this will be a comparison between Mary Jane and Rachel. Ultimately, both were unlikable characters, but the edge goes to the Spider-Man trilogy because Dunst was kinda tolerable at some points in SM1 and 2. If I count Selina, her one movie performance was better than all three of Dunst’s.

Supporting Cast: Have to go with the Batman Trilogy. You just can’t beat Oldman as Gordon, Caine as Alfred, and Freeman as fox. The only supporting character from the Spider-Man franchise on their level is Simmons as JJ.

Villains: Once again, Batman. I don’t have say anything about Heath Ledger’s Joker, but in addition to him, Tom Hardy’s Bane has also entered the Pop Culture lexicon. And then you have excellent villain performances from Liam Neeson, Anne Hathaway, and Aaron Eckhart.

Action: Spider-Man, hands down. Nolan’s fight scenes were mediocre at best, and when you’re best fight is your main hero getting his ass kicked, that’s a problem. Nolan did not really deliver when it came to capturing Batman’s fighting ability. On the other hand, Raimi gave us the Spidey/Doc Ock fight, easily one of, if not the best superhero film brawl yet. Raimi also deserves props for the tag team fight at the end of SM3, one of the few reasons I bother watching that film.

Costumes: This one goes to Spidey just for the Spidey suit alone.

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