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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 1

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
Yeah that's awesome. I don't care if the theme feels like "batman leftovers" to some but that theme fits that character, imo. The score for the Pilot had a lot of great cues." When he was running on the racetrack and enjoying his powers for the first time. The music when Barry goes after his brother Jay to save him from Pike, but was too late was also something else. I also liked in the Pilot that she wrote a theme or motif for when the Flash gets hurt. You can hear it during the scene where he gets stabbed in the leg by Pike's girlfriend. As well as during the climax when Pike was beating him down as he was blacking out from his powers. It really gives you the feeling of defeat, but of course Flash will overcome it and triumph in the end. She also gave the Central City Police a theme as well on the Pilot ep. She did an excellent job on the entire series. That's one of the reasons Bruce Timm picked her for B:TAS other than her involvement (as conductor/orchestrator) in the Batman 89 score. I know one thing whenever the Flash movie gets made (If ever! ) it's going to be hard to imagine them topping what Walker composed for the character, imo. She really elevated an otherwise great show.
I know exactly which ones you are talking about, and man they are fantastic. I haven't been able to find them all on youtube yet myself, but for $20 for every track on the show with that link you shared with me the other day, that's a fantastic price. I so need to buy that asap. I miss the days when characters had good soundtracks to go with them. Shirley doesn't get even half of the credit she deserves. I half wish they'd just use the show's music when a movie is made (if it ever happens) haha!

Oh and I apologize to those for getting this thread off topic. I know this is about Zimmer's MOS. So I'll keep it on topic.
Same here haha. I wonder when Zimmer's track will hit stores and if it's even finished.

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