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Originally Posted by Gotham's Knight View Post
Shikamaru, I am not going to quote your post since it's long and I don't want to clog this thread but:

What is the different reasons between TDKReturns retirement and TDKRises retirement? In TDKReturns, he retires because the Joker killed Jason and the government created an act to put superheroes into hiding. In TDKRises, Bruce retires because the Joker killed Rachel and the Dent Act was cleaning up the streets.

Now, if you don't think it was executed well that's fine. However, my lack of understanding is why the reasoning behind him hanging up his cape and cowl is fine in TDKReturns but not in TDKRises. The reasoning behind the move presented in the film and graphic novel. Hell, Bruce was letting crime rise in Gotham while he laid down the cowl in TDKReturns, so why is it that it's bad if TDKRises lets him lay the cowl to rest for a bit when there is no longer organized crime? Someone brought up Bruce being retired while families get killed in TDKRises, why is it wrong here but fine in TDKReturns?
I addressed all of this in my post. I said that it worked in Returns more than in Rises because Rises was a sequel to 2 movies that make the 8 year retirement not work while Returns was not a sequel to anything and had the room to do that. I suggest you read the whole thing.

As for all your other questions, I would love to explain everything in full detail but it is 12:30 AM where I live and I'm really tired after writing that long response to BatLobsterRises.

Luckily, I have a friend that did a 3-part video on this exact topic . He addressed all of your questions and explained why Returns' retirement was acceptable and Rises' retirement wasn't a lot better than I ever could.

I don't exactly remember where he talked about the retirement part so I'll post the whole review.

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