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Default Re: Roger Wardell discussion thread ;)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Don't you mean "douche"....?

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell19 Aug
Inside News: Marvel is negotiations with Viggo Mortensen for an unspecified role in one of their Phase 2 films.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell22 Aug
Inside News: Anna Kendrick is currently the front runner for the main female lead in The Winter Soldier.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell2 Sep
Inside News: Mandarin will be the main antagonist in Iron Man 3, not the behind the scenes villain we've previously been thought to believe.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell2 Sep
Inside News: Aldrich Killian will be basically be an unwilling pawn of The Mandarin's

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell5 Sep
Inside News: Chen Lu will not be referred to as Radioactive Man in Iron Man 3.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell12 Nov
Inside News: When Stephanie Szostak's role is for Iron Man 3 is announced, fans will go crazy.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell26 Nov
Inside News: Fing Fang Foom will slither it's way into Iron Man 3 in a minor capacity.
Not that Roger Wardell is legit, but which of these things have been confirmed to not be true? I suppose the Stephanie Szostak thing.

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