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Default Re: Roger Wardell discussion thread ;)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Don't you mean "douche"....?

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell19 Aug
Inside News: Marvel is negotiations with Viggo Mortensen for an unspecified role in one of their Phase 2 films.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell22 Aug
Inside News: Anna Kendrick is currently the front runner for the main female lead in The Winter Soldier.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell2 Sep
Inside News: Mandarin will be the main antagonist in Iron Man 3, not the behind the scenes villain we've previously been thought to believe.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell2 Sep
Inside News: Aldrich Killian will be basically be an unwilling pawn of The Mandarin's

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell5 Sep
Inside News: Chen Lu will not be referred to as Radioactive Man in Iron Man 3.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell12 Nov
Inside News: When Stephanie Szostak's role is for Iron Man 3 is announced, fans will go crazy.

Roger Wardell‏@RogerWardell26 Nov
Inside News: Fing Fang Foom will slither it's way into Iron Man 3 in a minor capacity.
Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
Not that Roger Wardell is legit, but which of these things have been confirmed to not be true? I suppose the Stephanie Szostak thing.
Pretty much the Anna Kendrick one only and then we can't say that's false because she could've been the lead runner until Van Campe came along.
Even the Szostak one hasn't been proven wrong technically because until the movie comes out we can't say yes or no to any of the IM3 rumors.

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