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Default Re: The Svetlana Khodchenkova / Viper Thread

Viper is not even a well-known character in the comics, compare to Storm or Polaris. Not at lot of people complained when Leech's skin was green in X3. If they gave Storm a different hair color, I would complain, if they Polaris a different hair color, I would complain, when they gave Psylocke violet highlights in X3 instead of full violet hair, I complained about that. But Viper, she's not even a X-Men or a very popular villain. Before I wanted her to have the green hair but now that I've seen the look and the fact she had blonde hair in the comics and it works better with her costume. I'm not gonna complain.

And you're always judging me based on wrong assumptions. First you thought I haven't seen any of Snyder's films and now you're saying I haven't heard of Viper. I haven't read a comic-book that featured her but I already saw her in X-Men: Evolution (thats more than 2 years ago FYI), the facebook game Marvel Avengers Alliance and in the Nick Fury movie.

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