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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

I did use Magneto for a reason. At the end of the day/film/comic arc, he's still a villain. He will always be a villain BUT...

He can also align himself with what suits his outcome the most and use those resources to his advantage, whether that's with Mystique or Charles.

As a Trickster, Loki is even better at this. He can be partnered with Enchantress one week and the next, he's enlisting the help of Spider-Man to save his daughter from harm.

You seem to think Loki is one-dimensional. I suppose this is a matter of opinion. Certainly, as you pointed out, the older Loki comics were more one-dimensional, like the very first gathering of the Avengers with Hulk and the train...

But since the 90s, Loki has been more a trickster, capable of whatever suits him best at the time. This is still evil the majority of the time but Loki is one of the original archetypal tricksters. A trickster is not known for true evil as much as mischief. It's why one of the biggest smiles on his face in The Avengers was while watching the museum crowd running and screaming, like it was a prank.

Jack Sparrow is another Trickster example. Does he sometimes do the right thing? Yes? Is he more likely to do what suits him best while making others the fool? ABSOLUTELY

No, I don't want Loki to be a permanent good guy. That wouldn't be true and it would become boring. Would I like them to toy with and at least broach the idea of redemption?

Yes, and Tom Hiddleston agrees:
But I hope that there is redemption, a glimmer of redemption within him, because I think that’s exciting! I think that’s exciting for me to play, exciting for Chris.

Oh yeah! In the heart of Loki there is the heart of a lost child and around it he’s wrapped in a cloak of hatred and anger and pain and enormous power. But I think it’s much more exciting if I think there’s always a possibility, because then it makes him three-dimensional, it makes him complex, and you hope some people in the audience are fighting for that. It’s part of Thor’s motivation. It’s part of what makes Thor a good character, because Thor is fighting for his brother back.
Of course, this is probably influenced by Journey into Mystery and now Young Avengers seems motivated by both JIM, Tom Hiddleston and fans.

Yes, I do like JIM and YA Loki a lot. I like the idea of being tormented by this whole other past and the tragedy of trying to be good but your character inherently isn't and no matter what you do, you either seem to screw up or it turns bad anyway...

Actuallly, I would love for the last Thor movie to be Ragnarok.

I didn't get to watch the video. what's he saying?

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