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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

I think people need to think slightly more positively.

Bryan Singer has obviously learned from his mistakes and has realised that fans want a storm more akin to her conic book portrayal and I'm sure no matter how small her role is Singer will write her better.

Halle herself has said that she realises her popular the character is and how she wants to get Storm's portrayal right this time to please fans. Again no matter how small her role is.

And finally all the points that X-Maniac brought up will no doubt be implemented into this movie. I don't think it's right to just blame Halle for all of it and then write her off, especially since 1) She is not the sole reason why the portrayal of Storm left much to be desired. You guys saw how a change of directors led to completely different portrayals of Storm, Halle does as she is told. 2) Halle, Bryan and everyone else working on this movie have matured and honed their craft over the years and should now be capable of giving us a good movie with strong performances.

Think positively guys, It's all we have from now till july 2014

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