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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

I'm pulling for Robin. Robin's been around for pretty much exactly the same time as Batman (debuting a year after Batman did) and is a consistently popular character. The imagery of the Dynamic Duo is as big a cultural icon as Batman, yet every time filmmakers approch Batman they say "no Robin", "Robin doesn't work", and lalala.

People rag on Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, and I agree they're pretty appalling films for all the reasons that've been documented, but at least they feature Robin, and Forever did apretty good job (in my opinion) of translating Robin's origin onscreen (blending Grayson, Todd, and Drake in to one character helped a lot).

I think, to distance the new series from Nolan's, it's time to stop being so narrow-minded and put Batman and Robin onscreen together. The possibilities of including Robin opens a lot of doors for warner bros.: Teen Titans, Nightwing, Red Hood, etc. There's no need to have "a little kid in pixie boots and bright red/green" running aorund alongside Batman; take a page out of Arkham City and Batman Forever and have him be a eighteen-twenty-year-old. He can operate as Robin for a good five years before becoming Nightwing, and can be adopted/trained as a young kid.

People who rag on Robin really bug me, as he's such a big part of Batman's life and history that it's almost like criticising Batman, in a lot of ways.

In short, get over it and give us Robin.

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