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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Well, as long as it never directly refers to anything from Origins, I'll still pretend like it never happened.
Not sure why you all hate Origins so much. Yes, they royally ****ed up Deadpool, yes, they complicated the continuity with lots of stupid cameos, yes, they made up some convoluted nonsense about adamantium bullets, and yes, there was some dodgy CGI (*cough*bathroom scene*cough*) in places.

HOWEVER, the film was still enjoyable. The opening credits were great. The Team X stuff was great. Stryker was great. Wolverine and Sabretooth were great. I liked the Silverfox romance. Most of the action was good. Overall, it's a mediocre-to-decent film which gets WAY too much hate simply because of what they did to Deadpool (which was disappointing, but doesn't warrant ignoring all of the film's strong points).

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