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Default Re: Star Wars Collectibles Thread

I did notice the mistake. Got this e-mail from SSC today:

Dear (me),

Thank you for your recent order for the Ben Kenobi Mythos statue. We hope that by now your piece has arrived to you and has found a spot in your display.

The Ben Kenobi - Mythos statue, which is a 2,000 piece edition size was mislabeled at our production facility with a 1,200 piece edition size instead.

The staff at Sideshow strives for excellence in every piece that we make and to have a clerical error of this nature occur is not only frustrating to our collectors but to us as well. How do things like this occur? Well we asked the same question and went department by department with a sharp stick to find out what happened. The manufacturing process for this type of statue is very exacting and requires a lot of coordination of different teams. What we discovered is that our production facility accidentally labeled the Ben Kenobi bases with the 1,200 number, which was the size of the previous production item the factory handled. Unfortunately, we cannot re-label the bases without potentially damaging the base itself.

The statue has not been fully manufactured and the final production run will carry base markings of 1,201/2,000 - 2,000/2,000, which continues the sequence of the piece numbers the way it was intended and features the correct overall edition size. If you would like to exchange your statue for a statue from the corrected edition sequence, then we can do so for you. You are also welcome to keep the item that you have, as it will be a lower item number.

Ultimately your satisfaction is our goal, and if you do not choose any of these options mentioned, than we can certainly retrieve the statue from you and issue you a full refund, with our sincere apologies.

Our mission is to make quality items that have that 'wow' factor; statues that you are proud to display in your home and gloat about to your friends! Sometimes we do make mistakes along the way. Allow us to offer you a $25 credit towards your next purchase for any inconvenience that
this error has caused.

Best Regards,

Michael Tolentino
Customer Service Manager
I think i'm gonna stay with it the way it is. I like my number, not to mention that i dont wanna go through the hassle of exchanging it lol.

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