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Default Re: Roger Wardell discussion thread ;)

Yeah, front runners, in competition for a film, or a race, where the terminology comes from, get passed all the time. So that's not a falsehood, unless we interpret front runner to mean: cast, which seems ridiculous to me... why not just say 'cast' instead of an image that refers to someone who simply in the lead so long as the lead is not taken from them.

On Szostak, the rumor circulating now is that she's playing Ellen Brandt, based on an obscure find from the production notes on IM3's website, which is no conspicuously taken down. If that's true, hardcore fans actually would go crazy, cuz Man-Thing is worthy going crazy over.

So, as much as he may be a charlatan, I don't see how he's a proved charlatan, he clearly minces words, perhaps because the information he has isn't all that reliable, and he knows one falsehood, for any reason, and everyone will throw out everything he's ever said.

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