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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
The Deadpool nonsense wasn't even the Movie's biggest problem. I hated how they called Logan an animal, or being the best at what he does, when he was like tamest dude in the Movie. And we only get to see one Mission with the Team and he already pussies out. It was a horribly boring PG-13 Movie, that made Logan a complete wuss compared to his X1&2 days, adding nothing meaningful to the mythos, and it's adamantium bonding process was just a joke compared to the short glimpses by Singer.

Those two Weapon X sequences are still amazing.

They didn't even explain where "Logan" came from. When my sister, who's not familar with the character outside of the movies, saw Origins, the first thing she asked was "Why do they call him Logan?"

The movie had to give us the origin of his leather jacket, but couldn't properly explain his own name.

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