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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Oh come on people!!

Halle Berry wasn't that bad you guys make it out as if she couldn't act. Halle did not portray the Storm from the comics but her acting was not bad, she convincingly portrayed the whichever version of Storm that Ratner and Singer wanted.

I believe Halle did not get a vocal coach (though can't remember where I heard that) and Singer decided she should drop the accent for X2 because 1) they couldn't get a vocal coach and 2) Halle had more lines so it would be easier for her to speak in her normal vocal tones.

I'm an African (from Ghana) and I personally did not think that the accent was bad at all. Especially considering that Halle may not have had a vocal coach to work with her during filming. I think people just think that all africans speak with the stereotypical loud voice and over the top vocal tones like storm's voice in the 90's animated series. That is not true. Halle clearly had an East African accent that sounded quite authentic the only problem was that she kept dropping in and out of the accent. (particularly during the final act) she couldn't keep it consistent (possibly because she didn't have a vocal coach)

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