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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Okay, fair enough. Though I tend to think Joker's "No, I'm not." is one of his more honest moments in the film. I think Joker was too aware and too calculating to be considered truly insane, but then again the "super sane" interpretation has always been a preferred one for me. A sociopath for sure, but that doesn't make him insane.
Naturally he would deny he was crazy to the mob. He was trying to sell his services to them and get them to see things his way over the Batman problem. He admits he's crazy to Batman at the end remember: "I took Gotham's White Knight and I brought him down to OUR level. It wasn't hard. See madness as you know is like gravity. All it takes is a little push".

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Actually they kinda do, unfortunately.
No, they don't. As terrible as those theater shootings were, it's no comparison to what Joker did to a whole city.

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