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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Originally Posted by Elxiah View Post
wadaltmon, hows the formula going? I'm currently working on my newest shooter design, and might post on the webtech site, but I want to wait until I see this thing work, but I'm at a stumbling block with the acetone right now. And on your video, you use a plastic-looking tank, but wouldn't THAT melt? And where O where did you get that WONDERFUL TUBE!!!
It doesn't melt with the acetone, as far as I know. Unless it has been melting from the inside without my knowledge. And the tube came with the tank.

And to respond to your other post, iron_spider has been inactive for quite a while. However, since the site is still up, I still post stuff there from time to time. However, in my next video, I will reveal my new site that is only for my projects. On this site, I am posting my new book about the web shooter project, entitled "110 Weeks". Also on this site, I will release posters and concept art and photos for my upcoming Spider-Man film that I am making.

This brings me to my next point... I won't be working on the shooter as thoroughly for a while, due to a simple lack of materials which are being shipped. However, those materials will not arrive for a month or so, so I must wait for the formula supplies. Also, in the interim and during some of my free time, I am making a Spider-Man film.

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