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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I think there's way more to be worried about than the colour effect.

But the resemblance to Origins, in more ways than the colour effect, is troubling.

This trailer is very late, and there's been no news for a long time since filming wrapped. Could it be that the studio is forcing the film in a certain direction (fun action flick) which has meant a lot of rejigging the product around? It looks nothing like the way Mangold was describing it. Didn't he say 'film noir'?! lol

It just doesn't look original. The shaggy forlorn Jackman with his wild hair and beard reminds me of Les Miserables and, in superhero terms, of the start of Batman Begins and also the start of Dark Knight Rises, where Bruce is mourning a loss and has forsaken his superhero identity.

The train scene reminds me of Mission Impossible, the opening of Skyfall, etc, etc.

Smoking a cigar in the middle of chaos and carnage reminds me of the Danger Room in X3.

Leaping forwards with outstretched claws on the train looks like when he leapt at the helicopter in Origins.

And you immediately ask at the beginning that if that old guy works for a company who can do anything, then why can't they save him? I get the feeling he takes Wolverine's healing powers and regenerates himself - and maybe he even becomes Silver Samural.
You raise excellent points.
I'm not going to make a judgement call based solely on one trailer, but seriously, if they screw the pooch again, then **** Fox. You think they would've learned after First Class to just leave the talented film makers alone and let them do what they do.
And yes, the X-men Origin vibes are very much present which is even more troubling.

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