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Default Re: Iron Man Hall of Armors

Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
It fits Starks storyline progression; after the invasion in Avengers and finally realizing his feelings for Pepper, Tony goes overboard and builds multiple suits for every scenario.

He even says in one of the trailers that he only cares about protecting the one thing in this world he cant live without.

That being Pepper, which is why when his house is attacked he "tells" the Mk42 to protect her instead of himself.
Yeah, I don't have a problem with having that many suits in the movie. I mean, why would Stark build one or two suits at a time, when he has the resource to build multiple suits? It also honors the comics by having Stark build a suit for every occasion and situation, and at least the audience can see the true brilliance of Tony Stark. Seriously, seeing all those suits is giving me quite a bit of a geek-gasm, and I hope they would release all the suits together as a toy collectible because I want to own every one of them.

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