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Default Re: Iron Man Hall of Armors

Originally Posted by GRangerPrimeNYC View Post
No, I didn't say that a hated the idea of Stark going overboard with the armors after what happen in The Avengers.

I meant that I wish Marvel didnt have him have 42 armors in this one all at once, which is too much.
20-25 sounds more reasonable for the Iron Legion. That'd make it 13-18 new armors in the film, instead of 35 all at once.

It also seems like a cheap way to push out all these armors and comic book based armors all at once to make a big Hall of Armor as fast as possible.


Feige and Black have said that after the Battle of New York, Tony basically suffers from PTSD and becomes obsessed with the need to create as many suits of armor as possible. Tony knows now that there are more powerful beings out there, and he's been to outer space. He wants to have the armor at his disposal at all times. So he holes himself up in his workshop and builds armor nonstop until the Mandarin's attacks force him out of his home.

That pretty much explains why Tony has such a large number of suits in IM3. It's part of his character arc as well as a marketing angle.

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