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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

I just wanted to ask you guys on your thoughts on something.
I have been thinking about this for a while now (a bit too much time on my hands) and this concerns the final chapter of the Dark Knight trilogy, as in "Rises". I loved it when I went to see it. Stunned by the visuals and performances. Hardy as Bane was incredible and Bale gave hands down his best performance, as did everyone else! Yet the more I think on it, the more i realized that there was something wrong with it and I think you guys must have noticed it to. The story wasn't finished.

Now don't get me wrong! I really love the Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, it's one of my favourites BUT it should have been four films. As in four points to bring Bruce Wayne full circle! Hardy as Bane was a powerhouse performance but his reveal as a love struck henchman was a total miss-step in my opinion. Marion Cotiliard as Talia al Ghul was completely underused and could have been so much more. She needed to have been Bruce Waynes actual girlfriend from the start of Rises and a chance for Bruce to live happily, finally.
Miranda Tate reveals herself near the end as Talia, but instead they could have left that reveal until the very end of the film, when she flees Gotham and lives to fight another day. Batman did NOT need to "die" and could have ended Rises with him asking Robin in the cave "if he was ready to begin?" (like Ras al Ghul did to Wayne). Batman had YEARS of training with ninjas (under Liam freaking Neeson).

Blake was a policeman, and now he is suddenly supposed to be BATMAN? He would be dead in days! They should have then set the fourth and final film with Batman and Robin (who is now trained by Bruce himself) struggling to fight Talia and her army. She then reveals that she was pregnant and now they have a young son, Damian. By the end of it, Talia would have been defeated, Robin would have truly earned his place as the new Batman, and Bruce Wayne would step down to be a father to his son, Damian. FULL CIRCLE!

Nolan is no doubt a brilliant story-teller and filmmaker but he really missed something there. Perhaps he simply wanted to move on and make more films like Inception (and I'm ok with that frankly!). Who knows what the DC universe holds, but all I do know is God help the man who follows Mr Nolan.

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