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Default Re: Iron Man Hall of Armors

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
The way you phrased your objections sounded like you had no clue why Tony built his armors. How is the number of suits "bigger than it should be"? The writers chose to have 42 suits, but you arbitrarily want to lower the number for no particular reason other than that you don't like it.
Meh, whatever
42 just seems a but excessive, unless, they really had 34 really good designs going on between 7 and 42 they really wanted to use right away, since they are aparrently treating this as the last solo film for Iron Man.

This seems like a strain on the merchandising for the film, seeing as Hasbro has to drastically lower the quality of their stuff to compensate releasing 35+ new armor figures, which will self warm anyway, due to the quality of the products.
There's also the mess that Hot Toys collectors are getting themselves into xD

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