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Default Re: Wolverine's Mask

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post

Yeah cause THAT looks absolutely horrible.
Not quite the multi-coloured jacket you're asking for, but I'm really sure that would look just awesome in yellow and blue. lol

Originally Posted by James_Smith View Post
I really don't see how the mask could ever work in the conventional way (i.e. as a permanent part of a costume). You might get away with a cameo in the form of a Samurai mask, but other than that...

Honestly, for DOFP I would like to see something like this:

No mask; just a modified jacket, X logos, and his traditional colors. I think that would go some way to meeting fan expectation and yet keeping it believable.
That looks nice for an edit, but it would just be underwhelming. If the team are wearing costumes then Wolverine should wear one too and not just his civvies.

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