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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
So, being a huge fan of the original Claremont/Miller mini-series, I have to ask this question:

Is anyone concerned about Shingin? Shingin was the main antagonist in that arc, and one of my favorite foils for Wolverine in general. The emotional and physical ways in which he hurt Wolverine were great, and it's something I've wanted to see translated to film for a very long time.

I was expecting him to be the main baddie in this film, the Emperor to the Silver Samurai's Darth Vader if you will. However, after everything we've seen, including the trailers, I'm starting to think that Shingin will be more of a side character and Viper/SS will be the main villains, which is something that would be very disappointing to me.

Does anybody else feel the same?
Shingen could still be the main antagonist.

Marketing-wise, Viper and Silver Samurai are more appealing because they got powers? and costumes so maybe thats why they are more prominent in the trailers than Shingen. But that doesn't automatically mean, they are more important in the story than Shingen.

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