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Default Re: The X-men UNIFORM evolution on the sequel

Okay, here's the costumes that I want to see in the movies.





+ a jacket




I can't find a picture of it, but I want their current costume in the comics. And for Wolverine, I don't want him to have the mask.

Her alternate-universe costumes just don't look modern to me. So I can't select a picture. But I want her costume to look modern.

I want it to be similar to his costume in X-Men Legends II.

They don't have to be so similar to the pictures that I posted but they should incorporate some of the designs. I also hope the costumes especially for the X-Men will have a cohesive look, every costume has a different design but they look like they came from the same collection and I hope the costumes will have a color scheme. I think it would just look too colorful and not uniform if they don't have color scheme.

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