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Originally Posted by milost View Post
Here are the changes I'd make.

- No League of Shadows

- No Talia

- Bane is his own man with his own agenda, perhaps a true liberator that escaped a hellish prison, becomes a mercenary, pursues Batman and Gotham to break and own/lead. Perhaps an ex-league of shadows member, like Bruce. Have him escaping the pit as a child to mirror Bruce Wayne's experience with the bats and well. He knows that Batman is an equal opponent and respects him, but he stands in his way and must rally the city (which isn't hard to do since Batman is a "villain" now)

- Bane isn't a villain "per se", certainly not the mustache twirling evil thing we see in TDKR. He's the antagonist, but you can sort of relate to what he's trying to achieve, especially when you consider his upbringing (innocent child who serves and is punished for a crime he didn't commit). His life mirrors Bruce Wayne, as his upbringing consists of coming up from nothing, whereas Bruce had everything at his disposal to succeed. Bane is a self made man.

- More Selina Kyle/Catwoman, especially important to Bruce Wayne

- No clean energy bomb/nuclear weapon crap

- No 8 year plot device

- No "Harvey Dent Days" or "Harvey Dent Acts", Dent's name is simply untarnished and the people he put away remain locked up. Explain how Batman and Gordon's decision worked for the possibility of a brighter future

- Batman is a scapegoat for all the cities pain and suffering, the final straw. The city has had enough after what the Joker has put them through and everyone wants Batman's head and everyone's doors are getting knocked down for the "bastard that killed Dent". They trusted Batman, so for him to turn on him puts them at odds with the police department as well (who let him work with them). So there's pressure on Gordon and the GCPD to apprehend the vigilante known as Batman. And they have a few leads and know that he's simply a man . . .

- Batman's last appearance wasn't "that night", it took a while for the city to get "cleaned up". Rachel's death sent Bruce into a darker, downward spiral (we saw hints of this seeing how far he'd go with the Sonar concept "beautiful, isn't it"), he's in full Batman mode now. For his life to have meaning after Rachel's death, he feels compelled to be OUT there, even going after the pettiest of crimes just to have purpose. Thomas and Martha Wayne as well as Rachel were the catalysts for Batman, and now they're both gone. All Bruce has left is Alfred and Batman. Batman and crime is like a compulsion, a drug that is forever gnawing at him. He doesn't care about a "normal life", he's frozen in time as Batman. The "live long enough to see yourself become the villain" has gotten to his head, and he's become more darker than ever. He still won't take a life, but his tactics have been much more ruthless, cold, and calculating. He doesn't even need Fox's or Alfred's help anymore.

- He's pursuing a thief called "the Cat", Catwoman, who appears to be an obstacle Batman is having trouble in dealing with

- Batman is taking a toll on his life as Bruce Wayne, which is upsetting Alfred (who once believed in the persona that Bruce had built). Bruce seems to be on the edge of "getting lost in this monster of his". Selina Kyle enters Wayne's life and appears to be a new chance for a normal life. Alfred takes notice.

- Show Batman being hunted down by Gordon and the GCPD

- With the mob defeated, and most involved in organized crime put away (Batman and Gordon's plan worked, Dent's accusations stick) they concentrate all efforts on Batman, Gordon is getting worried because the chases are starting to get out of his hands and they're getting closer and closer to apprehending the Batman (Bruce is severely injured, the closest he's been to death yet), even despite Gordon's warnings/communication to Batman. There are even bounties on Batman's head.

- Enter Bane, the mercenary who comes in to take down Batman for the "good of Gotham City", people seem to respect this "unsung hero". He vows to bring the Dark Knight to justice and take him down.

- Gordon's apprehensive nature of capturing Batman hasn't gone unnoticed by Gotham, Bane and the GCPD (Gordon secretly communicates with Batman), they question him and consider him a traitor and want him to resign. His family can't take it anymore. The city is also baffled as to why Batman hasn't killed anyone and is seemingly continuing his quest to eradicate crime (Batman has been as covert as he possibly can, having regained an almost monstrous, terrifying new reputation, like the Batman Begins days)

- The truth about Dent emerges, Blackgate and Arkham have experience a break in that tires Batman out (who has been combating the injuries the GCPD have given him), Batman is broken/defeated by Bane Bane takes control of the city (he's been planning it for years)

- Alfred killed? Fox?

- Bruce is practically crippled, his war on the mob, on crime, against the League of Shadows, the Joker, freaks being hunted, and beaten by Bane has taken it's toll. He's lost pretty much everything but his name and company (that others want to desperately take over/take down). He's also at odds with himself (his Batman and Bruce persona) because he's discovered the woman he loves, Selina Kyle is a criminal, but Batman is against crime. Does he turn her in?

- Gordon is in a similar situation, having lost pretty much everything, including his reputation. He's at his lowest.

- Selina Kyle is also having the same problems, especially with Gotham the way it is. Is she Selina Kyle, the ascending social climber or Catwoman, the criminal jewel thief.

- Gotham is in chaos and panic, people are acting like caged animals. More in depth depiction of class wars?

- The city is pillaged, but there is a clear divide (there are people inspired by Batman, Gordon, Dent, for the forces of good)

- Years go by and Gotham is slowly rotting again

- Bane steps up, finalizing his plan after orchestrating everything and controls the city with his own laws, much like TDKR but there is no nuclear threat. He uses brute force, strategy, his army and the city's pain to spread his ideals and power

- Gordon, after being injured and in terrible condition by a lynch mob, urges Batman to come back (after not seeing his friend for years)

- Bruce has to get back in the game, Gotham needs him more than ever. He must retrain, reheal, and relearn what he learned to take down Bane

- Batman defeats Bane

- Bruce Wayne helps "rebuild" Gotham brick for brick.

- In the end, maybe the Batman persona is sacrificed for the city too, a relentless symbol of fear, justice and to be inspired by. He puts the cowl and cape away. But Bruce Wayne still remains and gets to live a happy life (maybe with Kyle). He does what he should have done all along, focus his priorities on the city with his wealth to combat the poverty that creates crime and hopelessness (which helps create crime) Bruce Wayne can also be a symbol of hope as he pours himself into philanthropy like his father.

Or maybe he finally finds balance between both personas and if the city should happen to need a Batman, he'll be there.
Very nice. Now that's a plot I would have liked to see. Much, much better than what we got.

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