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I thought it was better than the original . The only issues being some plot holes and occasionally poor dialogue. Also I wish they brought back or used more of the characters from the original film. Flint was kind of a boring character. Jaye was nice to look at, not that interesting either. Rock is great though. I like the scenes between him and Tatum. I think it was a mistake to kill off Duke.

The action is great. I love the ninja fight scene on the mountain. That looks really good in 3D. Once again Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow steal the show. RZA sounded corny as hell though. The new look and voice for Cobra Commander is a huge improvement. Also thought Stevenson was great as Firefly. Pryce really hams it up this time. I think they could of gotten a better actor , but he's decent.

I'm really hoping for a third film. It will be interesting to see where they go with Storm Shadow's character and if Destro is used in the sequel.

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