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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

I don't care about little details so long as they remain true to the spirit of Batman. Yes, Batman has changed with the times like everything else but the roots of the character haven't changed.

The closest they ever got to show the real essence of the character is Batman '89. That is the closest you're ever going to get. Because it goes back to the original comics. And the original comic is like the first seed planted that grew a giant tree with lots of branches. But the very seed, the very kernel of what made Batman is still there in every incarnation, every outgrowth.

And Batman '89 goes right back to that. But people are going to ***** on and on about the Joker killing Batman's parents. Yet it has no relevance, really, it's just a minor detail.

Nolan's movies attempt to include a lot of the minor details, but they lose out on that original concept of Batman in the first place. By convoluting it with too much intellectual masturbation.

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