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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
Yeah, I don't think jamming a knife into the roof is going to keep you on a train going 250 mph. Dude must have some intense grip strength.
It's the same thing with TDK and the Fulton surface to air system (Skyhook). Had Batman really been going that fast when being reeled in with Lau both of them would have snapped every single bone in their body but they didn't.

When I say "realism" I mean that quite loosely.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Definitely, I need some Metal Gear Rising craziness in the Movie. Silver Samurai being able to cut through anything, only with Wolverine's Adamantium laced skeleton being able to withstand his attacks.
Damn that sounds awesome. I think us getting something like that (the Tachyon powered Muramasa) is likely seeing as that souped up Silver Samurai v2.0 seems to have a more high tech looking sword based on the quick glimpse we got.

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