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Default Re: Avatar: The Legend Of Korra - Part 2

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Katara and Aang felt forced? But i agree with what you said of Asami, i'm also glad they didn't make her "evil" just because of what happened.
Yeah I didn't feel that katara and aang's relationship was forced at all. They gave Katara other love interests during their story and even teased a possible relationship with her and Zuko. I think the development of their relationship was natural. Katara watched as Aang developed into a slightly lol more mature teen and avatar.

Also, I agree I'm glad that Asami didn't become bad/evil or rather spiteful just because. I do think that her and Mako made a better pair and Bolin and Korra were more similar because of their childish playful nature. However, I guess the whole bad boy dark and mysterious teen vampire robert pattinson thing wins and korra is just another victim of that lol.

It would be interesting if Asami and Iroh or Asami and Bolin pair together. I can see Asami crushing on Bolin because of his playful, romantic, doing all he can to please a woman nature. Asami seems like the type that has always had order, business and structure in her life so someone that is the opposite might be of interest for her. Now that I think of it Asami and Bolin would make a better couple than Asami and Mako for a couple of reasons.

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