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Default Re: Will Star Wars ruin the Star Trek franchise?

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
Yeah sure Star Wars Episode 7 won't do anything to Star Trek's box office success, but what Disney is doing is just free-riding on Paramount's Star Trek movie and generating publicity to up stage them.

I mean if you were the CEO of KFC and you heard that McDonalds stole your secret formula for "good chicken" and constantly publicized it, would you be pissed?
Ugh I hate Disney so much. But I can understand what you are saying.

Honestly, all I care about is that a third movie gets made and its good. I don't care if it hits the billion dollar mark or not (although it would be cool if it did), I just want it to be a good movie.

No matter what, Star Wars will always make more money anyway, and be more popular to the GA (doesn't mean it is "better" at all however). But I believe that those who liked the JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek film will still go on to see Into Darkness and the third film in 2015-16.

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