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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
Man, if you guys actually believe Begins had a fantastic marketing scheme then I suggest you talk to Jamie. Leading up to the film, WB completely dropped the ball. The only reason Begins garnered over 200 million domestically is because of the strong word of mouth.

Very true. I wasn't on the Hype at the time, but I only knew that a new Batman film was happening when the first images of the suit came out. Then after that back to nothing. I didn't even see the trailers or Superbowl spot. As a huge Batman fan, I was shocked that any marketing or mention of the film seemed non existent, and that I was in the dark for so long.

After I saw the film, there were WB people at the theater taking surveys about it, asking what you liked, would want more of, etc. They were really clueless about Batman and the whole campaign showed it.

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