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Default Re: 2012 Major League Baseball: Showdown!

Originally Posted by Poeman View Post
Btw, Johan Santana is done for the year...Somewhere Spidey Bat is shedding a tear over the idea being blown up of trading him for prospects
Nope. It's highly unlikely they would have been able to steal a really good prospect like they did with Wheeler. It would have been some B-C level prospect in the low minors. I'm bummed it means his career is very likely over.

Originally Posted by Erzengel View Post
I'd put this contract up there with A-Rod's, Sanchez for worst NY contracts ever given. 6 years at $137.5 million and only playing less than 4 years.
I'd disagree. It was an overpay but they weren't severely crippled financially because of his contract. It was also a trade-extension; they had to do it for that reason and would have ended up paying more on the FA market. Also, the trade was an outright steal. Definitely the 3rd best trade in franchise history, 2nd if you exclude the fact that they only got Keith Hernandez because of his personal baggage.

A-Rod's contract has turned into one of the worst contracts in sports of all-time. They gave him so much because of his chances at breaking the home run record. Now he's probably a long shot to make that happen and even if he does, no one will care because he juiced. And if you're including the other NY teams, there's Sanchez as you mentioned, DiPietro's was bad, and we can spend all day on the Knicks' disasters.

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