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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
True. But again. Why save space? Why would they do that when ALL the elements to create Ultron the way he was originally are there in phase 3? I just don't see changing it up. If they had no plans for ant-man, sure. But he is coming. Why have Ultron be someone else's creation if all the elements for his original creation are there in the MCU?

and as Sam has said, it takes away from Ultron. Ultron in the MCU would just become another killer robot bent on destroying humanity. Which is weary, and quite repetitive. Stark is already the face of the MCU, but he doesn't have to do with EVERYTHING.

It's all opinionated. However, one fact, atleast in my eyes, my opinion that it's a fact lol, is that if Stark creates Ultron, we will be loosing some good character development from Ultron AND Pym. Pym has to do it.
Mmmmmm the whole things depends on Antman's reception imo. If Ultron is going to become a big baddy, then the audience is going to have to give two craps about Pym because of the dynamic between he and Utron as seen in the comics. Otherwise, nobody's going to care about the daddy issues and he still becomes "just another killer robot". At this point it's really a stretch to think Pym would be so completely front and center in an ensemble like the Avengers.

Seeing as how they reshaped where the Iron Patriot came from, it's not far fetched to believe they could do it for Ultron. I've long bought into the idea that Ultron inevitably will be some kind of creation as a backstop for SHIELD or the government in case they need it against the Avengers. Creative liberties will continue to be taken in the MCU. I mean look at Mandarin as well.

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