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Default Re: The X-men UNIFORM evolution on the sequel

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I personally would like the 70's team in the Astonishing X-Men costumes:

And keep the modern team in leather, but in a bit more truth to their comic-book outfits..
I totally agree here. This is the only way you can bring a color motif into the series. There has to be a cohesive theme. With only Emma providing a great contrast (I know she won't be on the X-Men roster), the team looks like... A TEAM.

Some people argue that the Avengers is an example of how to use color and comic costumes, but that doesn't apply here. In the Avengers (movie... and comics actually), they were all individual characters that were brought together.

In the movie, Iron man makes his own armor, Thor's costume is his Norse outfit, Cap's was made by SHIELD, Hawkeye and Widow have spy outfits, and the Hulk is green. They don't match for a reason. This is not the same situation as the X-Men. The 70s X-Men would look absolutely ridiculous if they were all wearing (different) colorful costumes.

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