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Default Re: The X-men UNIFORM evolution on the sequel

Speaking of that shot of Astonishing (I think). While I like that version of Cyclops somewhat, I would still like to see something more akin to the Cyclops we had in the 90's. Not in the same colours though, but I'd like to see something with a style reminiscent of it.

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I also would love to see a better visor than what we saw in X2. Those making the movie may not have liked the 'Leia muffs' as I think they called them, but the X2 visor was pretty small and pathetic in my opinion.

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Maybe something like the visor without the 'ear muffs' part like the costume in the pic Hawkingbird posted would be better.

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Though I am keeping in mind that if Cyclops does appear at all in DoFP it likely won't be in an active role (sadly) and I'm more thinking of future movies. Though who knows, maybe we can get a group shot at the end in the new timeline?

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