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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Things that I wanted to see...
1. Bruce going back to the "Begins" suit in the finale. I just loved that suit.
2. More gratuitous shots of Selina Kyle's bum.
3. Better death scene for Barsad (Bane's primary henchman).
4. Complete exclusion of the John Blake character.
5. Crowbar Talia calling Batman, "beloved." (BTW, still peeved that Liam never called Batman, "Detective" in Begins and Rises).
6. Even more gratuitous shots of Selina Kyle's bum.
7. Exclusion of exaggerated healing items (ie: knee brace, magic rope).
8. New Batmobile!
9. Better fight scene at the end between Bats and Bane.
10. More of Anne on the Catpod.. what happened to shots of the Catpod flying down the steps of city hall amidst the chaos?

Seriously, I could write more, but in the end, this was a solid film. Though I still believe Batman Begins is the definitive Batman film to date.

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