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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - - - Part 12

1)Loki is a horrible villain and it made Avengers a joke. The fact that a bunch of superheroes have to get together (when they don't want to) in order to protect the planet from a weak mother****er like Loki, always makes me laugh.

2)I don't like Guillermo Del Toro's movies.

3)Batman Forever is a more entertaining and more "batman-y" movie than Batman Returns. Even if it's lighter in comparison.

4)I thought Timothy Daulton was a better Bond than Roger Moore, George Lazenby and sometimes Pierce Brosnan.

5)Avatar is crap.

6)Fight Club is overrated. Not saying I didn't like it, but it's goddamn overrated.

7)No Country For Old Men is overrated, so is Argo. I liked Argo but it didn't deserve the Oscar. It won because of its political nature. No Country had good cinematography and a great role for Bardem, but didn't think it was anything special.

8)Spider-Man 3 is an entertaining movie even though it sucks as a Peter Parker/Spider-Man story and the villains are horrible. I still find the emo stuff funny as hell.

9)All Pirates of the Caribbean movies bore me to tears, including the first.

10)Quantum of Solace is only a major disappointment when comparing it to its predecessor and successor. I still think it's a solid movie and it beats almost every Bond movie before Casino Royale.

11)I liked the Amityville Horror remake with Ryan Reynolds more than the original (even though parts of the original and its myth scared the crap outta me as a kid).

12)Jackie Brown is sometimes my favorite Tarantino film of all time. Most of the time it goes to Pulp Fiction but at times JB wins it. Everyone overlooks the hell out of that movie. Calls it disappointing compared to what came before it and after it in QT's filmography. I also love Death Proof even though fans and Quentin himself say that it's his worst movie.

13)I find Coen Brothers to be super boring filmmakers 90 percent of the time. Big Lebowski is awesome but I can never get into the rest.

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