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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Inless there Is recasting both havok and Banshee are gone

It's safe to assume based on cast photos Bryan Singer unveiled on twitter there Is only 1 other key role that hasn't been announced.While beyond that any other roles would be secondary.Colossus,Blink and whoever Booboo Stewart Is playing are secondary roles.

It's very possable a reason for dropping so many first Class Is there could be a few characters sent back through time.

Based on twitter picture we could make this assumination

Major roles-Wolverine,Mystique,both versions of Xavier and Magneto,Beast,whoever Peter Dinklage Is playing
Supporting roles-Storm,Kitty,Iceman,Rogue,whooever Omar Sy Is playing and a TBA character
Secondary roles-Colossus,Blink,whoever Booboo stewart Is playing,and any addational roles

Obviously someone will be playing Nixon but Is that a supporting role or secondary character?

James Mcavoy's comment of him possibly sharing screen with Patrick Stewart Is possable clue that a few characters could be transported to past.And that would explain why only the major surviving first Class characters are In DOFP.

If time travel would simply be Xavier changing minds between first class and OT versions that leaves 1973 part of film kinda empty compared to future scnes with 8 returnees+most likely Blink.

That leaves for 1973 5 major characters,1 and possibly 2 supporting characters and at least 1 secondary character.

That leaves them having to use c list characters to fill background for 1973.Origins and Last Stand makes It hard to use Cyclops and jean.And I can Imagine the critism If they are simply In background.I just don't see them using Polaris due to her having same power as Magneto.

If Omar Sy Is playing Snych and Booboo stewart playing Suspot that still leaves a couple of X-Men needed to fill void If there Isn't time travel directly.

And If the 2 casts are being keep seperate there Is question how much screentime In future Is there going to be.

Is the split going to be
a:1 hour In 1973 and 1 hour In future
B:1 Hour and 20 minutes In 1973 and 40 minutes In future
C:1 Hour and 30 minutes In 1973 and 30 Minutes In future

Plus another rambling Is some are convinced famke Janssen's cameo In The Wolverine Is prelude to her being In DOFP.

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