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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

You know, I was just thinking of this, and I wager that Tom Hiddleston would be game, but wouldn't it be neat if Loki made an appearance on the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, you know, just to see how things are going for Nick Fury's team out of curiosity and maybe stir up a little trouble. Maybe they can even have Loki turn a street into Ice Cream like Tom has wanted to do, maybe show that Loki isn't all evil by doing this act of magic for a kid being bullied or something. I do think you can get away with that level of silliness on T.V. more than in a movie.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I'm aware, but I thought she was saying point blank, that since Loki has been evil enough, that he will become good in this movie, not for selfish twisting needs, but for the sake of just being good again and to redeem himself with his family, and be good. i thought THATS what she was saying. And I was saying that, that's not who loki is. at the end of the day, loki does what loki wants for his own plans and benefits, regardless of who it affects. he tricked thor into killing his grandfather for heaven's sake lol
I think that reaction, to want Loki to be good, is wholly from the fangirls who hate seeing him doing terrible things and just want him to be the nice guy. I can understand where that emotion is coming from because it's like they want to fix the bad boy and turn him good again. It's a natural female response, especially with MCU Loki and the crushes a million girls have on him. I bet you there are a myriad of fanfictions somewhere that have the writers fixing Loki but I digress. But realistically as a character Loki is plotwise to the series unfixable to a large degree. I understand where your frustration comes from because in the comics he is incorrigible and will do things that only benefit his own ambitions, hence why I posted what I posted.

P.S. Oh, and here's something that I don't get, why is everyone who comes in contact with him in person, via his Twitter or otherwise, *ahem* Tumblr *ahem* so possessive of Tom Hiddleston like he's their exclusive privately owned property?

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