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Default Re: **OFFICIAL** TDK Rises merchandise thread V

Originally Posted by litobirdy View Post
ok i think its official, u are the biggest batman collector there is. also, please Spread the wealth
No I'm far from it but thank you! Haha. I just picked up some action figures around arkham city and went crazy since. Recently slowed down, as I've got some of those just put up in boxes, running out of display space haha. Love to see what other or older stuff people have when you all have time.

How awesome would that be haha. This was from an article on ign some time back when they said there was a rumor Nolan has been given godfather rights to do whatever DC he wanted over at Warner Brothers, they then went on to talk about how they need to build up like Marvel did with the phase one of movies, slowly introduce instead of just making a justice league movie right away and how don't necessarily need to reboot green lantern but reintroduce and do something for other characters. I just recently got big into all this, on the DC side, and just starting on comics so I had to learn about some people from recently watching justice league unlimited, young justice and own research, never seen teen titans so I didn't know anything about characters like cyborg or even flash, Martian manhunter.

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