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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
Anno the problem with that sort of vision , is you arent actually creating two movies. You're just expanding plot points , stretching one story to fit two movies. By the end of the first movie , you dont have a story. You have events . That would be like ending Godfather part I when Sollozzo is whacked or something. Or ending Barry Lyndon when he marries the countess. Being bigger doesn't mean two motion pictures.

So , if there is two movies , the blueprint needs to be completely different than Rises , mostly because this is constructed to be one movie about Bruce , his journey , and how everything in the story reflect of his conditions. If you cut the 2nd part of the movie , you don't have a thing. Just a bunch of stuff glued that make no sense by the end of the movie. You have a tv episode. .
I agree with this, that's why I'm ultimately against the two movie idea. I haven't heard of a great way to split the movie into two pieces that offers a complete emotional experience in both halves.

That said, I think Anno's ideas are a nice expansion of the plot and seem to flow naturally from it.

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