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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
i suppose you could say to keep havok and banshee being part of the Xmen still after 10 years it would mean they were Xaviers first students and the first Xmen which is a big continuity issue

while you could say they did it already with first class but thing if once you start to open a can of worms should you keep opening it or close it before they get out

i still think bryan has a plan here, i don't think its favoritism as bryan was going to direct First class originally and also he seems happy with what vaughn did with it
There are ways around it than just jettisoning characters and hoping the fans will forgive and the mainstream audience will forget.

Singer chose the characters for First Class, as far as we are led to believe. Why did he contradict his own films? Did he seriously think fans wouldn't remember? And the mainstream audience is starting to notice. I have heard friends (who aren't uber-geeks like me) grumbling about how First Class doesn't match up the other movies (where we see Xavier walking at the end of Origins and the start of X3).

If Scott, Jean and Storm are added as young students in DoFP, and Banshee and Havok are still there, that would still make Scott, Jean and Storm 'some of my first students.' I agree Havok doesn't really have interesting powers (he's just another energy blaster) and devoting time to the sibling relationship with Scott would eat up a lot of the film, but Banshee has a power we haven't seen before (apart from daughter Siryn shrieking like a burglar alarm in X2).

I'd like to think we at least get an explanation for the absence of Banshee and Havok, so we at least feel there is a single saga being told not a set of separate stories.

This 'pick and mix' filmmaking doesn't work in the long run because we get background characters popping in and out of the franchise.

It goes right back to X1. I would rather it have started with Xavier recruiting his first team, but given the fragile state of superhero movies at the time and the need to go for the most popular characters, it was right to choose Jean, Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine, but I would not have mentioned that Jean, Scott and Storm were 'some of the first students'. Too specific, it restrains later storytelling, as they have found out to their cost.

Rogue suited the plot so she was fine too. I can understand why Beast was cut because of the cost of make-up/effects - and back then (12 years ago) we probably wouldn't have had a very good Beast at all because of the technology and budget available. I would have avoided Iceman because he was the wrong age for comic book canon, or at least I would have made him much older (similar age to Scott, Jean, Storm). Better to leave the possibility of a later origin film (similar to First Class) including Beast, Angel, Iceman and maybe Havok and Polaris.

What we have ended up with instead is a muddle. And with each film the writers/producers/director face the unholy choice of either trying to build upon the muddle of the previous film (creating a bigger muddle) or totally ignoring parts of the previous film because it's no longer workable (which still creates a muddle).

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