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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 2

We saw a space whale go through a building but we're gonna assume no one was in it because we didn't see bodies falling. We saw the Chitauri blast packed city streets but they didn't hurt anyone because we didn't see any charred remains.

The point is, these things do not have to be shown on screen for folks to understand it was still happening. Especially with the scrolling screens at the end of the film showing the memorials and the celebrations, people died, film makers understand they don't have to show it for (most of) the audience to get it.

That said, I'm arguing with your opinion so I'm gonna stop, but showing dead people or people being vaporized, I believe would have changed the feel of the film. I think that showing deaths on film would be seen as a failure of the heroes, leaving the audience less enthusiastic about our heroes. You could ask yourself "Why the hell are they smiling and looking so smug? People died and these guys are going on vacation!" Instead, we are given multiple screens showing people praising the Avengers, except for one douche who won't be re-elected because he's a hater (hey, dumb****, you wouldn't even have a city if it weren't for the Avengers so go **** yourself).

I would love to see a film where some of these suggested changes take place, not because I agree with them but because I want to understand the reason why these ideas weren't included.

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